Handheld explosives detector


Handheld explosive detector  JYJ-ED300 


Photoionization high-resolution  ion mobility spectrometry

Detecting explosives


All kinds of explosives
for example, Black Powder,AN, TNT, 
PETN, RDX, Nitroglycerin, 
HMX,tetryl,DNT,C4,Semtex, etc. 

 Sample mode

Trace particle adsorption and Paper wipe sampling 




                                            Alarm and display data

 Time for analysis

         2 sec   

Preheating Time

         ≤ 16.5 min

rate of false alarm 


 detection rate

   ≥ 99%

 work environment

 -10°C~55°C  relative humidity 99%


220V AC 50-60Hz/lithium cell supply

AC adapter

Input 110V 220V/AC 50-60Hz;output: 16V/DC

battery parameters

Li-ion Battery Pack 16.8V/13Ah Continuous supply of not less than 2 hours