Bulletproof UD sheet

                              UHMWPE bulletproof UD sheet non-woven fabric      

                                       It is popularly applied to light bulletproof jacket, bulletproof plate,
                                       bulletproof helmet, explosion-proof shield, light hard armor and explosion isolation.
                                       It is formed by using current advanced international composite technology of unidirectional 
                                       array of orthorhombic structure. Fiber arrangement is even, dense, tidy and smooth.
                                       This product features soft quality, low specific gravity, waterproof, resistance to dampness
                                       and chemical corrosion, and anti-UV radiation, etc. 

                                       It can promptly distribute energy of bullet on a large area so as to reduce depth of   
                                       concavity of bulletproof materials so that non-perfoliate injury can be therefore reduced.

                                       Besides, this fabric can absorb bullet’s shock and block smashed bullet pieces to prevent 
                                       secondary injury. It is therefore the advanced ideal soft bulletproof composite material.